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Life and Death

Tale Of Us
Dj Harvey
Dj Tennis
Mind Against
Tobias. (live)
Job Jobse
Scheepsbouwloods, NDSM Docklands
tt Neveritaweg 15 1033WB Amsterdam Netherlands


Jamie Jones
The Martinez Brothers
Richy Ahmed
Patrick Topping
Mark Jenkyns
Scheepsbouwloods, NDSM Docklands
tt Neveritaweg 15 1033WB Amsterdam Netherlands
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Gui Boratto (live)
Michael Mayer
Kolsch ft.
Troels Abrahamsen (live)

Dauwd LIVE
Nuno Dos Santos
Weval LIVE
Jorn Liefdeshuis
Scheepsbouwloods, NDSM Docklands
tt Neveritaweg 15 1033WB Amsterdam Netherlands
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RevolutionA+ A-

Following up on the success of this spring, this time DGTL Revolution, Plastic Whale, ADE Green and 10,000 hrs are joining forces to clean up all the plastic what’s floating around the canals.

We are going to make a nice evening plastic fish trip accompanied by cosy lights and fun people on the 15th of October between 20:00 and 22:00.

Would you like to help make the world a little bit better and start your ADE great?

Please subscribe by sending an email to, specify with how many people you will join and if you are in the possession of your own boat!

To get an impression on how much fun this evening is going to be, have a look at the after movie from last time!

In short:

What: Plastic Fishing with DGTL Revolution, Plastic Whale, ADE Green and 10,000 hrs
When: Wednesday October 15, we will gather at 19:00, and sail from 20:00 to 22:00.
How: You will receive a fishing net!

What actually happens to all that plastic that we have fished?
The fished plastic will be donated to Plastic Whale. The old plastic will be reused for new products. For more info see;

For more info about Plastic Whale go to:
For more info about the 10.000 hrs project go to:
For more info about ADE Green go to:

So! Fight with us against the plastic soup! Join us on Wednesday the 15th of October to go Plastic Fishing and start a Revolution!


A+ A-

Opening Hours

  • 10/16, 10/17 and 10/18 from 22:00 till 7:00


Where can I buy tickets?
You can buy tickets at our website in the home/tickets section in the menu below

Can I sell my ticket?
It’s not allowed to buy and/or sell DGTL ADE tickets from/to third parties, but to a friend you can.


Are lockers available?
Yes, lockers are available. Please note: these lockers are small in size, a backpack or suitcase will most likely not fit. And you need to pay in cash.


Are there ATM’s at the venue?



Can I buy cigarettes?

Information for disabled guests

Is the festival wheelchair accessible?
Yes the whole festival will be wheelchair accessible

General Rules

  • The event is 18+ only. The organization can always ask to see identification.
  • Visitors need to have a valid tickets to enter the event.
  • DGTL has a Zero Tolerance policy when it comes to (hard)drugs: The possession or trafficking of hard drugs is not permitted at the festival. Any evidence of overt use and/or property confiscation will follow and the person will be transferred to the police. The use of cannabis for own use is tolerated (max 5 gram) pre-rolled joints are not allowed.
  • In context of safety the organization will have the right to frisk every visitor and bags. Its not allowed to bring glas, plastic bottles, cans, fireworks, drugs, guns, weapons, foods, drinks, animals and any other illegal substances.
  • Entering the event is at own risk. The organization accepts no liability for any damage which may arise directly or indirectly arising out of acts or omissions of the organization, persons in its service, or other persons who have been employed by or on behalf of it or third parties, during the stay at the event, unless the damage is caused by intent of gross negligence.
  • Visitors are advised to use ear protection. Earplugs are available at the entrance.
  • Visitors have to be properly dressed. A football jersey and/or discriminating clothes is not allowed.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside
  • It’s not allowed to urinate anywhere else than in the toilets.
  • Threats, abuse, discrimination, sexual harassment and other irritating and / or offensive behavior is not tolerated by DGTL.
  • Without written permission of DGTL it’s not allowed to share or distribute any promotional material.
  • Without written permission of DGTL it’s not allowed to record anything with professional audio and/or video hardware.
  • When entering or leaving the venue, visitors should behave and not make any hinder for the neighborhood.
  • DGTL doesn’t exchange coins back for money.
  • Visitors are obliged to follow instructions and regulations of (security) employees at all times.
  • Visitors who don’t abide by the general rules and Terms and Conditions of the party will be denied admission to the event without the right to reimburse of the cost of the ticket and any charged service and / or other charges.

Garbage disposal

There will be sufficient trash bins as well in the surroundings of the venue. Please don’t take any bottles, cans or foods with you to the event. its not allowed and causes more garbage. DGTL likes to keep the neighborhood clean, please take notice.

Press coverage

I am a journalist and would like to cover DGTL ADE?
This is possible. We would be happy to invite a selected few on the site. Please send an email to in to make a coverage request.


Where can I volunteer to help DGTL?
Send an email to to apply, thanks!

read in English
A+ A-

In samenwerking met Signway / Senself streven wij er naar DGTL zoveel mogelijk toegankelijk te maken voor personen met een beperking.

Is het festival toegankelijk voor rolstoelen?

  • Het festivalterrein, de barren en een gedeelte van het sanitair zal toegankelijk zijn voor rolstoelen. Er zal geen rolstoelpodium of rolstoelzone aanwezig zijn.
  • Bij de toiletgroep in de hoofdzaal is aan de vrouwelijke kant een invalidetoilet beschikbaar.
  • Een flyer met plattegrond en extra informatie over toegankelijkheid is beschikbaar bij de balie van de kluisjes.

Openbaar vervoer

Vanaf de achterkant van Amsterdam Centraal (IJ-zijde) gaat er een pont naar de NDSM-werf. Vanaf deze pont is het nog 200 meter over asfalt, betonplaten en klinkers naar de ingang van de Scheepsbouwloods.

Waar kan ik parkeren?

Heb je een invalidenparkeerplek nodig, neem dan contact op via

Kiss ’n Ride

Wil je dichterbij afgezet worden dan de Kiss ’n Ride, overleg dit dan met één van de verkeersbegeleiders of beveiligers ter plaatsen.

Licht en geluid

Op DGTL wordt gebruik gemaakt van (hard) geluid en stroboscopische lichteffecten.


DGTL raadt mensen met een visuele beperking af om met een blindengeleidehond te komen ivm de vele prikkels (drukte, harde muziek, etc.). We raden al onze bezoekers aan met een vriend of vriendin te komen.

Bezoekers die toch met een geleidehond willen komen, willen we vragen dit vooraf bij ons te melden via Daarnaast willen we deze bezoekers er op wijzen dat DGTL niet verantwoordelijk is voor eventuele ongevallen.


Het meebrengen van medicijnen is alleen toegestaan in combinatie met een doktersverklaring. Wij vragen bezoekers dit vooraf te melden via


Wij horen het graag wanneer er iets niet duidelijk is. Contact opnemen voor vragen of eventuele wensen kan via

lees in Nederlands
A+ A-

In cooperation with Signway / Senself, DGTL strives to make its events accessible to visitors with a disability.

Is the festival wheelchair accessible?

  • The festival grounds and part of the bars and sanitary facilities will be wheelchair accessible. There won’t be a wheelchair stage or special wheelchair zone.
  • There is a wheelchair accessible toilet at the female-side of the sanitary facilities in the main area.
  • A flyer with a map of the location and extra information regarding accessibility will be available at the locker desk.

Public transport

There’s a ferry to the NDSM docklands at the back of Amsterdam Central Station (IJ-zijde). After embarking the ferry it’s 200 meters on asphalt, concrete slabs and pavers to the entrance of the Scheepsbouwloods.

Where can I park?

When you want to park your car in one of our reserved handicapped parking spots, please contact us at this address:

Any questions regarding parking and the Kiss ‘n Ride can be directed towards traffic support or security at the NDSM docklands.

Sound and Light

DGTL uses (loud) soundsystems and stroboscopic light effects.

Guide dogs

  • DGTL advises people with a visual impairment not to bring their guide dogs because of the many stimuli (big crowds, load music, etc.). We advise our visitors to bring their friends.
  • Any visitors still wanting to bring their guide dog are advised to contact us at We want to point out to these visitors that DGTL is not responsible for any accidents.


  • Bringing prescribed drugs to DGTL is only permitted in conjunction with a doctor’s note.
  • Please contact us in advance at


Please contact us in case of questions or special wishes at

A+ A-

How to get there

Ferry departing at Amsterdam Centraal – NDSM Werf [free of charge]
walking distance: 5 minutes

By Car

  • Navigation: tt Neveritaweg 15, Amsterdam


  • Ferry departing at NDSM werf – Amsterdam Centraal – till 3.00.
  • Ferry departing at Buiksloterweg – Amsterdam Centraal – all night


Plan your route

A+ A-


For all press inquiries and accreditations please contact


For all ticket related questions and support please contact


General questions and lost and found